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I May vs SNG
2017-07-21 (WEEK6)
Victory 43:27 v7.13
I May Suning Gaming
Dragons 2
Towers 9
Team Gold 84.9k
Kills 11
Kills 3
Team Gold 70.9k
Towers 3
Dragons 3
Elise Twitch Thresh Jhin Blitzcrank Zac Galio Braum Taliyah Gragas
Player       KDA CS
AmazingJ2/1/6 442 Camille
Sks2/0/8 275  Rengar
Athena1/0/7 368  Karma
jinjiao6/0/3 436  Caitlyn
road0/2/7 72  Tahm Kench
CS KDA       Player
 Rumble 4191/3/0XiaoAL
 Jarvan IV 1620/2/2Avoidless
 Orianna 4070/1/2Dian
 Ashe 3942/2/1Fury
 Lulu 170/3/3Yoon

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