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Season: ALL S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 S8
Split: ALL SpringSummer
Game version:
Leagues: ALL TOP 5
Champion Picks Bans Presence Avg BT Wins Losses Winrate KDA GT CSM DPM CSD@15
Chogath Chogath71672%5.16186%5.435:307.86567.7
Gnar Gnar111169%8.17464%3.232:528.3428-0.5
Jarvan IV Jarvan IV 17156%7.09853%3.332:068.0378-7.6
Renekton Renekton 5738%8.61420%3.032:538.832016.4
Camille Camille6534%8.42433%3.830:178.43398.7
Jayce Jayce 11034%6.3010%2.531:108.543519.0
Shen Shen 5531%4.62340%2.735:127.9366-8.8
Maokai Maokai 2728%5.1020%1.030:086.0474-36.0
Jax Jax 2522%8.8020%1.832:158.5323-2.0
Galio Galio 1622%5.210100%14.035:578.053310.0
Rumble Rumble 5119%10.04180%4.333:248.26070.0
Kennen Kennen 103%-010%1.333:178.337230.0
Kled Kled103%-010%2.041:168.05018.0

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